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Michael Moncur - Services

Depending on my current workload, I am often available for contract work. Contact me if you're interested in hiring me for any of the following services.

Web Design and Development

If you need to create a Web site, or fix or improve an existing site, I can help. I can work in HTML, JavaScript, PHP, and databases depending on your needs, and help you choose the right platform and languages. See my Web sites for an idea of what I can do.

If you want to create your own site in HTML, I can help you add CGI, PHP, and database features where they're needed.

Web Server Support

If you have a dedicated Linux Web server and want to focus on creating and running your sites without worrying about the technical details, I can help. I'm experienced with all aspects of Linux system administration - security, backups, Web server configuration, installation of new software, debugging and troubleshooting. I can work per-hour or per-job, or if you need regular work or emergency support we can work out a monthly plan.

I'm also experienced with IIS on Windows systems, but it's not as easy to support remotely. Contact me for details.


If you need to learn about Web development technologies, networks, or other technology topics, I can create a customized training program for you. I can work in the Salt Lake City, Utah area and may be available in other locations, and can work one-on-one or present information to entire classes. Additionally, I can create online or printed training materials.

Anti-Spam Consulting

If you run an ISP and have problems with spam - or even if it's just an issue for your own domains - I can help. I participate in the testing and development of SpamAssassin, a great open-source tool for detecting unsolicited mail. I can help you get this or other anti-spam solutions working on your network or your Web server, or just advise you on the best ways of dealing with spam without creating legal, technical, or customer relations problems.

Technical Writing

Do you need instructional materials, a reference manual, white paper, or content or marketing copy for a Web site? See my books for examples of writing I've done, and contact me for my rates.

Network Integration and Consulting

If you are located in the Salt Lake City, Utah area, I can help set up or maintain your network and computers. I am experienced with Windows (including NT, 2000, and XP servers), Linux, and NetWare platforms. Contact me for specific information.