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Teach Yourself DHTML in 24 Hours

by Michael Moncur
Published December 2001 by Sams
ISBN: 0672323028; 407 pages

This book is a great introduction to DHTML (Dynamic HTML) for anyone who knows how to create a Web page with HTML and to use a bit of JavaScript. DHTML is an informal name for a combination of several technologies that work together to give you unprecedented control over your Web pages, including JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and the W3C DOM.

This book will teach you all of the fundamentals, whether you want to master DHTML or simply add some quick gadgets to a page. It's divided into 24 lessons, each meant to take an hour or less of your time, and each culminating in one or more practical examples. The examples range from simple demonstrations of DHTML techniques to larger, more complex applications.

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