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MCSE TCP/IP Flashcards

by Michael Moncur
Published March 1999 by O'Reilly and Associates
ISBN: 1565925831; 240 pages

While experience helps, sometimes you need a good old-fashioned memory aid to prepare for the MCSE exams. Each of these sets of flashcards covers an MCSE exam with a set of cards covering the complete range of exam topics. These aren't MCSE practice questions - they're much more challenging and more useful.

Various types of cards in the set challenge you to describe a product or service; identify the components of a system or the steps in a process; name the advantages or disadvantages of a product or feature; describe the differences between two similar or opposite items; or perform a calculation.

Each set contains 240 or more high-quality, double-sided flashcards plus a fold-out poster that acts as a quick reference to some of the exam's most critical topics.

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