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NT 4 Network Security

by Matthew Strebe, Charles Perkins, and Michael Moncur
Published February 1999 by Sybex
ISBN: 0782124259; 940 pages

This rather heavy book is a complete guide to Network security in general, and Windows NT security in particular. Includes chapters on security basics, encryption, human security, firewalls, internet security, remote access, network protocol and layer security, multivendor security, and more - 22 chapters in all.

This book also includes comprehensive coverage of security holes in Windows NT, past and present. The included CD includes a wide variety of security tools as well as many tools widely used by hackers, which you can test on your own network.

Each chapter of the book features suggested security policies, and includes humorous "reality check" sidebars that describe the authors' personal experiences in dealing with network security (and the lack thereof.)

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